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Salary Advance

Salary Advance is a salary-based temporary overdraft facility which enables staff of private companies and government agencies access 50% of their net monthly salary in advance.

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Facility Amount:

Maximum of 50% of net monthly salary

Tenor: 30 days (Maximum) renewable monthly
Minimum Salary:

Minimum salary of SLL 680,000 for public sector and SLL 1,360,000 for private sector employees


Salary domiciliation

  • An easy and convenient financial solution to your cash needs anytime before your next salary payment
  • Completed Application Form

Frequently asked questions on GTSalary Advance

1.Q: What is GTSalary Advance?
A: GTSalary Advance is designed to provide salary advance to staff of companies, ministries, Parastatals and other government establishments whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

2.Q: What type of facility is Salary Advance?
A: Salary Advance is a temporary revolving overdraft.

3.Q: What is the tenor for a Salary Advance?
A: 90 days (Maximum) renewable monthly.

4.Q: What is the minimum drawing amount?
A: There is no minimum drawing amount for a salary advance.

5.Q: What is the maximum drawing amount?
A: The maximum drawing amount is 50% of the customer's net monthly salary after other obligations.

6.Q: Does the beneficiary need to have his/her salary account with GTBank?
A: Yes.

7.Q: What is the required length of salary account relationship?
A: The customer must have received their salary through their GTBank account in the last 3 months.

8.Q: Who can benefit from GTSalary Advance?
A: Staff of selected private companies, Government Ministries, Parastatals and establishments whose salary accounts are domiciled with the Bank.

9.Q: Can the customer apply for Salary Advance if s/he has an existing facility with the Bank?
A: Yes, provided the total loan repayment does not exceed 50% of his/her monthly salary.

10.Q: What is the pricing and fee on Salary Advance?
A: Highly competitive

11.Q: Can the customer reapply at the expiration of the facility?
A: Yes.

12.Q: What is the minimum monthly salary an employee of Private Companies must earn to qualify for the facility?
A: N 50,000

13.Q: What is the minimum monthly salary an employee in the Public Sector must earn to qualify for the facility?
A: N 25,000

14.Q: How does the 90 days Salary Advance work?
A: Apply once, but have access to the facility in 90days subject to receipt of monthly salary

15.Q: How do I apply for a Salary Advance?
A: Application is done by completing and submitting the Salary Advance application form

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